On-site Training Courses

In addition to our online options, our bespoke courses can also be arranged onsite at your premises.

Providing you have the required set up we will be able to deliver the same session on-site at your premises but we will travel on-site to you instead of you coming to us! On-site courses mean the content can be tailored to the exact software use at your premises and the course attended with less disruption to you or your teams work schedule.

On-site Technical Requirements

On-site training will require a suitable training room and you will need to provide computers or laptops for each delegate to use for the duration of the course. The appropriate software needs to be installed on each delegate machine for the course either with a licensed version or a fully working trial as is available for most products including the Adobe range. A display monitor or projector will also be required for our trainer to connect to for presentation to groups. If available, a whiteboard or flip-chart would be beneficial.

On-site Dates

Like all our bespoke classes, onsite courses are arranged on dates to suit your timeframe requirements, however onsite training often offers additional flexibility for your course in our schedule over bespoke courses in our centres.

Travel Expenses

The core cost of on-site training is identical to all trainings, however in some cases, additional expenses will apply for our trainer attending your premises. Expenses will depend on the desired on-site location for your session and course specifics and will be always be confirmed with you in advance of your booking confirmation. In most cases on-site training in areas of Klang Valley will not involve travel expenses.

Tailored Course Content

With all on-site courses, our certified instructor will speak to your lead delegate or course organizer to discuss your aims for the training, any specific content preferences, and the current delegate(s) knowledge levels. Often our core course outlines are used as a starting point with the final content adapted accordingly, allowing specific areas to be covered in more or less depth as required.

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