👂🏻I hear you.

—Ive spent 2 days building the website and soft-launched the ‘Weekly Webinar Series’ yesterday, and worked all night adding on ‘Points’ system where yall can SIGN UP & EARN POINTS whenever you register for the webinars! Pheww.. walaupun ada beberapa ketul yg terlepas dpt redeem 10points on EARLY BIRD price! 🥲 Nasib baik register for 2 webinars terus heheh


So today nak official post lah hihi.

This is not a glorified click bait where I offer “FREE” webinar to convince you to buy my Masterclass all-dancing package yadayada. (not yet!😜)

There’s demands since last year, and Alhamdulillah this year I managed to craft this, to overcoming sharing-knowledge barriers and reach out to more people.

With only 2 hours (InshaAllah comprehensive!) —I would like to invite all of you to JOIN MY WEEKLY WEBINARS! Starting this Sat, 23/1. I will keep you posted on the topics for next month (Feb) on the website.

There’s an Early Bird special price for limited time. We should know by now that nothing is truly free, and if it claims it is, it’s deceitful. I wanna give value to you, hence we all need to do better appreciating fair bit of knowledge😌

See you fellow webinareeeeeee🤘🏻💻

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