Workshop #3 – Edit Photos Like A Pro with Lightroom CC Workshop

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Duration : 4 hours

Date📆 : 24th April 2022 (Sunday)

Time⏱️: 10AM – 2:00PM

Via💻: Google Meet

Includes📜: e-Certificate


About this Workshop

Add flexibility and efficiency to your Lightroom Classic CC work by leveraging the power of virtual copies, Smart Previews, and Snapshots and History. In this short workshop, Najihah Najlaa introduces advanced workflow techniques that provide photo editors with greater artistic freedom and more creative possibilities in Lightroom Classic CC. Learn more the color controls in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, you can ensure that a photo’s colors are accurate; however, these controls are about more than just color correction. Najihah will share techniques for working creatively with color in Lightroom. Follow along as she explains how to add vibrant colors to your shots and enhance the hair color of your subjects. She will show how to use split-toning controls to make your images cooler or warmer, fine-tune colors with HSL controls, create and work with presets, and produce a variety of other effects.


Skills covered

👉 Adobe Lightroom CC

👉 Image Editing

👉 Color Correction

What you’ll learn

👉 The Virtual Copies

👉More flexibility with Smart Previews

👉More Control with Snapshots and History 

👉Basic Panel Color Controls

👉Selective Color Adjustments

👉Split Toning

👉The Power of HSL


👉Creating Unique Color Looks

Who is this workshop for?

👉 For beginners: It is recommended that you have basic photography skills

👉For intermediates: You might already know how to use the Lightroom CC but struggle to make an edit based on your tone and color based.

What do you need?

👉Adobe Lightroom Classic installed to pc / laptop

👉 Sample images



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Course Details

Introducing Virtual Copies

  • 3-ways to create virtual copy
  • Virtual copy workflow
  • Using Virtual Copies when converting to black and white
  • Sorting and filtering for Virtual Copies
  • Managing Virtual Copies
  • Virtual Copies and collections

More Flexibility with Smart Previews

  • Why Smart Previews matter
  • Building Smart Previews with the Import dialog
  • Creating Smart Previews in the Library module
  • Generating Smart Previews when you export as a catalog
More Control with Snapshots and History
  • Working with History to quickly undo adjustments
  • Creating Snapshots for different processing options
  • Deleting, renaming, and updating Snapshots

Basic Panel Color Controls

  • The core color tools
  • Creating vibrant colors
  • Improving the color your photographs
  • Improving color and fixing clipping
  • Using white balance as a starting point
  • Fine-tuning white balance

Selective Color Adjustments

  • Changing a background color
  • Painting in a new hair color
  • Fixing a portrait
  • Improving a scene
  • Brushing away color
  • Removing color with the Radial Filter
  • Improving a sunrise silhouette
  • Working on a landscape
  • Bringing out sunset colors

Split Toning

  • Fine-tuning color with split toning
  • Creating vivid sunrise colors
  • Making sunset light look amazing
  • Adding color to a black and white image

The Power of HSL

  • Working with the HSL controls
  • Changing and fine-tuning color
  • Creatively improving color
  • Darkening the sky
  • Crafting a unique color look
  • Creating your own presets
  • Finding and using third party presets
  • Managing presets


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