Webinar #6 – Sketch-to-Finished Vector Illustration

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Duration : 2.5 hours

Date📆 : 27th February 2021 (Saturday)

Time⏱️: 10AM – 12:30NOON

Via💻: Google Meet

Includes📜: e-Certificate


About this Webinar

Wonder how to create drawings make it from refined sketches to polished pieces? This installment of Artist at Work enables you to follow along with my coloring and shading process, as I transform this vector-based graphic in Adobe Illustrator. We will start with a scanned sketch and builds out the basic vector shapes. Then adds shading, highlights, and color—the finishing details that make our illustrations so extraordinary. My methods are simple to follow and will help create a new level of depth and richness in your own vector creations.

Skills covered

👉 Adobe Illustrator

👉 Vector graphic

👉 Digital Illustration

What you’ll learn

👉 Getting Started —Prep for a drawing before start illustrating

👉 Building base vector shapes: PART ONE —How to bring our drawing to Adobe Illustrator, which tools to use for vector illustration

👉 Building base vector shapes: PART TWOFinishing our illustration with pen tools, curvature tool, etc

👉 Establishing base colors —add on color to our illustration, which color combination to use, where can we explore more color mix

👉 Refining color and detail —add shadows and depth to the illustration

👉 Adding finishing touches —refine edges, grouping, balancing artwork and illustration

👉 Export and Publish —learn which format to export best and how to publish online for socials

Who is this webinar for?

👉For beginners: It is recommended that you have basic drawing skills and some knowledge of vector graphics

👉For intermediates: You might already know how to use the Adobe Illustrator but struggle to create digital illustration

What do you need?

👉 Adobe Illustrator installed to pc / laptop

👉 A piece of drawing of your own OR; a demo drawing will be provided as well


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