Webinar #5 – Edit Photos Using Lightroom Mobile

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Duration : 2.5 hours

Date📆 : 20th February 2021 (Saturday)

Time⏱️: 10AM – 12:30NOON

Via💻: Google Meet

Includes📜: e-Certificate


About this Webinar

Get up and running with Adobe Lightroom for mobile. In this webinar, I will shows how to use this popular app to create, edit, and share high-quality images from your iOS or Android device. I will starts with the basics, explaining how to add and capture photos with the app, as well as how to work with the general editing controls. Next, we dive into basic photo editing techniques, including how to adjust lighting, reduce noise, sharpen your images, and copy edits to other photos. Plus, learn about selective editing with radial gradients, converting color photos to black and white, organizing your photos into albums, and sharing your images.

Skills covered

👉 Adobe Lightroom Mobile

👉 Photo Retouching

👉 Mobile Photography

What you’ll learn

👉 Exploring The Mobile version —Comparing Lightroom Mobile CC and Lightroom Classic, which one for you?

👉 Tour of Lightroom Mobile —Exploring the workspace

👉 Importing photos—import photos from camera roll, capturing photos with Lightroom camera, sync photos

👉 Get Started —get to know general editing controls, starting with profile, using presets, auto-correcting

👉 Basic Photo editing—Adjusting lighting, white  balance, understand curve, applying effects, reducing noise, sharpening

👉 Local photo Editing —remove unwanted object with healing tool, use adjustment Brush tool, add radial effects

👉 Creative Color Adjustment —control color using Color Mixer, use Grading Tool

👉 Managing your photos —review and rating, auto-tagging, organizing into albums

👉 Publishing photos —export and web-sharing

Who is this webinar for?

👉For beginners: It is recommended that you have some knowledge of photography and mobile photography.

👉For intermediates: You might already know how to use the Lightroom Mobile but struggle to make an edit based on your tone and color based.

What do you need?

👉 Adobe Ligthroom Mobile (FREE) installed

👉 set of collection of photos


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