Adobe Illustrator CC MASTERCLASS (4 Days)


Go from being a novice to mastering the advanced tasks in the leading graphic-design program. Join us as we show you how to take charge and become an Illustrator power user. Learn the professional tips that will give your vector graphics the edge.


We will guide you on everything from getting started by making simple shapes and controlling the Illustrator environment all the way up to applying advanced techniques for creating Bézier curves and compound paths. With our help, you will become confident in using the program’s advanced features to produce killer vector graphics.

Duration⌛ : 4 Days

Date📆 : (Check Date Availability below)

Time⏱️: 10AM – 2PM (4 hours) / 10AM – 5PM (7 hours)

Via💻: Zoom/Microsoft Team/Google Meet (Online) OR; Onsite Training (Face-to-Face)

Includes📜: e-Certificate & Course Materials


HRD Corp Reimbursement (if applicable):

HRD Corp – Training is claimable under Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB) through SBL / SBL KHAS Scheme.






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Course Overview

This 4-day Masterclass course helps you learn about the tools and features available in Adobe Illustrator CC. We will help you understand how this industry-leading program takes graphical design to a new level. You will learn how to create and manipulate shapes and curves, combining them with text to produce simple logos ready for the web and for print. Together, we will work with colours, gradients, layers, fonts, and photos to create eye-catching illustrations and text effects. We will then move on to more advanced topics, such as enhanced control of Bézier curves, creating custom brushes, and automating workflows.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Navigate the Illustrator environment
  • Create a logo using simple shapes
  • Draw and understand Bézier curves, the root of drawing in Illustrator
  • Enhance control of Bézier curves by creating compound paths
  • Apply gradients and patterns
  • Edit paths and anchor points
  • Set attributes in the Appearance panel
  • Measure objects and place them with precision
  • Trace and colour your hand-drawn artwork with Live Trace, Live Paint, and Live Colour
  • Define custom brushes and graphic styles
  • Add transparencies, drop shadows, and other effects
  • Export illustrations for web and for print
  • Prepare documents for composite and commercial printing
  • Automate your workflow with other Creative Cloud programs

This course is the perfect preparation if you plan to take the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) exam.

Our goals are for you to be able to create and manipulate vector graphics, to understand the advanced features of Illustrator, and to become a confident power user.

This course can be taken in a single 4-day block or split into a 2-day block (Introduction) and then a separate 2-day block (Advanced) taken at a later date.

Who Should Attend?

This course is intended for graphic designers and textile/fashion designers, and anyone else who has visual-design responsibilities.


You will need basic PC or Mac skills, including a solid understanding of a computer’s operating system (Windows or Mac OS). You will also need to know how to launch a program, create and save files, and copy files from CDs and other media. You can install TRIAL here:

You will receive a comprehensive course manual for this class selected by the Adobe Certified Instructors at Sharingbasics. A certificate is issued upon course completion.

How online training works?

Most regularly scheduled online training classes start at 10AM – 2PM (4hours) / 10-5 PM (7 Hours). Upon your class registration, you will receive a web address and code to log-in and participate in your training. You may always call a training consultant at +6013-9337594 or whatsapp if you have questions.

Private & Customized Training

Custom classes and private training are available online and can be arranged to accommodate your schedule. Call a training consultant at +6013-9337594 or email here to discuss details for private online training classes or complete our contact form here.


HRD Corp Reimbursement (if applicable):

HRD Corp – Training is claimable under Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB) through SBL / SBL KHAS Scheme.






Additional information

Available Dates: 4 Days

03 July – 06 July 2023, 07 Aug – 10 Aug 2023, 09 Jan – 12 Jan 2023, 11 Sept – 14 Sept 2023, 13 Feb – 16 Feb 2023, 16 Oct – 19 Oct 2023, 20 Mac – 23 Mac 2023, 20 Nov – 23 Nov 2023, 24 Apr – 27 Apr 2023, 25 Dec – 28 Dec 2023, 29 May – 01 June 2023

Time & Duration

Online 4 Hours (10AM – 2PM), Online 7 Hours (10AM – 5PM), Onsite 4 Hours (10AM – 2PM), Onsite 7 Hours (10AM – 5PM)

Course Outline

The following is a general outline. The range of topics covered during your training is dependent upon student level, time available and preferences of your course booking.

Creating basic Documents

  • Explore the pre built Document Profiles
  • Shortcuts to navigate the Artboard effectively
  • Work in a Custom Workspace

Drawing in Illustrator

  • Use the Pen tool for straight lines
  • Add, delete or adjust points along a path
  • Understand how Bezier Curves work, learn to draw and edit these Curves
  • Freeform drawing and editing with this powerful tool
  • Create Logos using simple Shapes
  • Using Live Trace to transform your hand drawn sketches into vector artwork that can be further adjusted

Modifying Objects

  • Lasso select and the other goodies in the Select Menu
  • Transform objects with scale, shear, rotate & reflect tool
  • Be precise using Smart Guides, Grids & Guidelines
  • Align, Group & Duplicate to achieve better results
  • Layers palette: Hide & Lock Objects
  • Intro to Isolation Mode for effective editing
  • Working with Colours in Illustrator

Difference between Swatches and Colour palette

  • Applying colour to Stroke and/or Fill
  • Adjusting Stroke with the Stroke palette
  • Live Colour for perfect Complementary / Analogous colours
  • Live Paint as an easy way to colour artwork
  • Introducing Gradients & Patterns

Text copy in Illustrator

  • Point, Area and Type on a path
  • Import Body Type & fix Spelling Errors
  • Find and Replace Text or Insert Typographic Characters
  • Create Text Outlines to design your own fancy headlines

Outputting your Artwork

  • Defining cropping area
  • Saving your artwork in vector formats
  • Save for Web & Devices

Creating Complex Illustrations

  • Make use of Outline Strokes technique
  • Explore Shape Modes and Pathfinder palette – create Compound Paths for trendy grunge effects
  • Use Expand Appearance to modify individual elements
  • Create your own Custom Brushes: Calligraphy Scatter or Art, to place objects along a path
  • Keep your paths Simple & Cleaned Up
  • Graphs – use your own artwork instead of a simple bar

Modifying Artworks

  • Envelope Distort & other forms of Warping objects
  • Clipping Mask for advanced design
  • Transparency for more polished look
  • Create drop shadows, glows and more using the Stylise Live Effects
  • Share the appearance attributes with Graphic Styles
  • Explore Gradient Mesh & its ability to add realistic 3D shading and highlights to 2D graphics
  • Learn the difference between Filters & Live Effects
  • Blend shapes or groups for advanced compositions

Advanced Typographical Features

  • Character Palette – adjust the kerning, baseline shift, horizontal & vertical scaling
  • Paragraph Palette – Justification and Hyphenation options
  • Use the 3D feature to extrude text and other Illustrator objects

Printing your Artwork

  • Simulate multiple pages in Illustrator using the artboard and document setup
  • Flattening Transparency for raster effects like drop shadows, glows and blurs
  • Creating separations with Spot colour vs. Process colour

Enhancing your workflow

  • Explore Links & Actions palettes
  • Export to Flash (SWF)
  • Use Symbols to create elements used repeatedly in animations and complex artworks
  • Use the Release to Layers command to distribute all of the objects on a layer onto separate, individual layers for quick web animations
  • Creating Smart objects, Dragging-and-dropping and exporting layers into Photoshop

Location Details

Online Class

This course is provided as a remote online course with live training provided by our Certified Trainer.

Accessing the live online course, anywhere is easy and all you will need is:

  • Computer with the trial or full version of the software
  • Separate screen or device for the shared video display
  • Sound output via computer or headset
  • Ideally a camera and microphone on the computer for remote contact

Our goal is for you to be able to create simple but professional documents that are ready to use for the web and for print.

It is important to note this is not a classroom based training.

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