Adobe Certified Professional (ACP): Illustrator Exam Revision (3 Days)


Join the professionals in getting the best out of the world’s leading graphic-design program. Our course will show you how to unlock the power of Illustrator’s advanced tools and help you to become a more proficient and confident digital artist. Pass the ACP exam and get qualified!


With our help, you will take your existing Illustrator know-how and prepare you on how to answer the exam questions! This Exam Revision training is sharp-and-comprehensive where we will solely focus on HOW TO ANSWER & PASS THE EXAM.

Duration⌛ : 2 Days + 1 Exam Day

Date📆 : (Check Date Availability below)

Day & Time⏱️: 9:30AM – 1:30PM (4 hours) / 10AM – 5PM (7 hours)

Via💻: Zoom/Microsoft Team/Google Meet (Online)

Includes📖: Exam Prep & Course Materials

Certificate📜: Adobe Certified Professional (ACP) by Adobe System  



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Associate to Professional – be among the first to achieve the ACP Certification!

The new Adobe Certified Professional (ACP) certification is an industry-recognized credential that effectively validates one’s expertise in Adobe Creative Cloud Video tools. Earning the Adobe Certified Professional will provide you a competitive. Starting in June 2021, Adobe Certified Associate will be officially called Adobe Certified Professional. 

Ready to become an Adobe Certified Professional? Register for the exam today!

Increase your chances to pass the exam by taking our ACP Prep Class

We offer unique, Certification Prep Courses for each software, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Premiere Pro & Adobe After Effects. Each course will give students more extensive knowledge of their respective software, the latest features, recommended workflows, and mastery of the tools within each application.

The ACP Photoshop Prep Class is a 4-hr / 7-hr workshop in 2-day virtual instructor-led learning, taught by Adobe Certified Expert, Najihah Najlaa, with experience conducting and proctoring ACP Exam for over 500+ students!

Revise today and take the Exam anyday!

If you are ready to take the exam, this Exam Revision training is the best for you where we will review “spot questions” from Trainer’s own compilation notes and exercise and practice! practice! practice! Real exam environment using CertPREP Gmetrix Practice test simulation.

The package includes:

How to Sign up?

  • Register for Exam Revision course
  • Attend the 2-days training virtually
  • Take the exam online the same day
  • Get certified by Adobe upon successfully passing the exam

If you are interested, but you have your own preferred date & time, send your inquiry here.

Who should take the exam?

The Adobe Certified Professional in Visual Design validates the individual’s expertise in creating and designing holistic digital aesthetics using Adobe Creative Cloud. This certification requires professional-level skills and knowledge to effectively create and develop digital creative assets. Prior knowledge in Adobe Illustrator is expected to follow thru the live training session. This Exam Revision training is sharp-and-comprehensive where we will solely focusing on HOW TO ANSWER & PASS THE EXAM.

How the virtual training works?

Virtual training will be conducted by live trainer for 2 days. Upon your class registration you will receive a web address and code to log-in and participate in your training. You may always call a training consultant at +6013-9337594 or whatsapp if you have questions.

What you need for virtual training?

The requirements for online training are relatively simple. If you are online viewing this page, you likely have everything you need to participate in an online training session.

  • Computer: A Mac OS or Windows PC with a  high-speed Internet connection.
  • Applications: We recommend you install the relevant course applications prior to receiving training. For example, if you are taking a prep exam on Adobe Illustrator CC v2021, we recommend having Illustrator CC v2021 installed before the start of the training session. If you are uncertain as to what applications or tools you should have installed, ask us when registering or contact a training consultant at +6013-9337594.
  • Speakers and Microphone: If your computer includes a speaker and microphone, you may use these to communicate with the instructor, or request a headset be included with your curriculum.


Additional information


Online Exam Revision 3 Days (4 hours), Online Exam Revision 3 Days (7 hours)

Available Dates: 2 Days

04 Jun -05 Jun, 09 Jul – 10 Jul, 13 Aug – 14 Aug, 17 Sep – 18 Sep, 22 Oct – 23 Oct, 26 Nov – 27 Nov, 30 Apr – 1 May

Exam Day

01 Apr, 01 Jul, 02 Sep, 04 Mar, 2 Dec, 27 May, 28 Oct, 29 Apr, 29 Jul, 30 Sep

Course Details

This 3-day Advanced course will help to develop your skills as you explore the advanced features of Adobe Illustrator CC. We will help you understand how this industry-leading program takes graphical design to a new level. You will already understand the basics of the program, and we will show you how to take that knowledge to the next level. We will cover advanced topics such as enhanced control of Bézier curves, creating custom brushes, and automating workflows.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Enhance control of Bézier curves by creating compound paths
  • Apply gradients and patterns
  • Edit paths and anchor points
  • Set attributes in the Appearance panel
  • Measure objects and place them with precision
  • Trace and colour your hand-drawn artwork with Live Trace, Live Paint, and Live Colour
  • Define custom brushes and graphic styles
  • Add transparencies, drop shadows, and other effects
  • Prepare documents for composite and commercial printing
  • Automate your workflow with other Creative Cloud programs

The final day of the course is dedicated to the Adobe Certified Professional (ACP) Illustrator exam, including trying a mock exam, reviewing answers, and then taking the real exam. The ACP exam represents an official qualification, and you will be provided with an instant pass or fail result. We are confident that you will join everyone we have already helped to pass the exam and collect an official certificate of Adobe Certified Professional status.

As well as giving you the opportunity to take the ACP exam, this course is the perfect preparation if you plan to take the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) exam.

Our goals are for you to understand the advanced features of Illustrator, to become a confident power user, and to leave with an ACP qualification under your belt.

👨🏻‍💻 Course Target Audience and delegate prerequisites:

This course is intended for those who wish to enhance their existing knowledge of Illustrator and who work as graphic designers and textile/fashion designers. The course will also suit anyone else who has visual-design responsibilities.

Exam Guide

The exam objectives are outlined below alongside sample items from CertPREP Practice Tests and relevant resources. All key items are examples of exam topics and do not comprise a comprehensive list.

This guide is based on the 2021 version of Graphic Design & Illustration Using Adobe Illustrator. Download ➜ Adobe Illustrator Exam Guide.

1. Working in the Design Industry

This objective covers critical concepts related to working with colleagues and clients as well as crucial legal, technical, and design-related knowledge.

  • Purpose, audience, and requirements
  • Communication and project management
  • Copyright, permissions, and licensing
  • Key terminology
  • Design principles and best practices

2. Project Setup and Interface

This objective covers the interface setup and program settings that assist in an efficient and effective workflow, as well as knowledge about ingesting digital assets for a project.

  • Document settings
  • Application workspace
  • Non-printing design tools
  • Managing assets
  • Colors, swatches, and gradients
  • Brushes, styles and patterns

3. Organizing Documents

This objective covers document structure such as layers and managing document structure for efficient workflows.

  • Managing layers
  • Layer opacity and masks

4. Creating and Modifying Visual Elements

This objective covers core tools and functionality of the application, as well as tools that affect the visual outcome of the document.

  • Core tools and features
  • Text and typography
  • Selections
  • Transforming media
  • Editing techniques
  • Effects and graphic styles

5. Publishing Digital Media

This objective covers saving and exporting documents or assets within individual layers or selections.

  • Preparing images
  • Saving and exporting

Location Details

This course is provided as a remote online course with live training provided by our Adobe Certified Trainer.

Accessing the live online course anywhere is easy and all you will need is:

  • Computer with the trial or full version of Adobe Illustrator installed
  • Separate screen or device for the shared video display
  • Sound output via computer or headset
  • Ideally a camera and microphone on the computer for remote contact

Our goal is for you to be able to create simple but professional documents that are ready to use for the web and for print.

It is important to note this is not a classroom based training.


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