Weekly Webinar #4 – The Fundamental of Video Editing

Duration : 2.5 hours

Date📆 : 13th February 2021 (Saturday)

Time⏱️: 10AM – 12:30NOON

Via💻: Google Meet

Includes📜: e-Certificate

About this Webinar

Learn the fundamental of video editing to understand the overview of this post-production process from start to finish. Learn about organizing your assets, the basics of editing and trimming, and how to assemble shots to tell a story. Plus, discover how to effectively communicate your project’s story in a compelling and engaging way. Here is your practical guide to creating a successful edit!

Skills covered

👉 Video Editing

👉 NLE editors

What you’ll learn

👉 Exploring Story —What is story, editor’s role, ethics of editing

👉 Understanding the Jargons —Exploring coverage and shot comparison, shot & lens movement, continuity edit, timing and pacing, structure and transition

👉 The NLE Application—Adobe Premiere pro, Final Cut Pro, Avid Composer, Davinci Resolve,  which to use?

👉 Rule of editing technique —Continuity vs. complexity editing

👉 The Essentials—Asset management, basic editing, the workflow

👉 Additional post production process —Sound design, effect design, color correction

Who is this webinar for?

👉For beginners: It is recommended that you have some knowledge of how to use a chosen video editing program.

👉For intermediates: You might already know how to use an editing program but struggle to make an edit flow or ultimately “feel” right.

What do you need?

👉 Passionate as an editor and story-telling


Feb 13 2021


10:00 am - 12:30 pm


Google Meet


Google Meet


Najihah Najlaa
Adobe Certified Expert & Instructor

I help creative people to polish their skills with comprehensive, cost effective, high quality, training covering Adobe media products and other creative packs. I offer educational institutions a variety of training packages specifically geared towards education.


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