Webinar #1 – Learn How to Make Videos

Duration : 2 hours

Date📆 : 23th January 2021 (Saturday)

Time⏱️: 10-12 PM

Via💻: Google Meet

Includes📜: e-Certificate

About this Webinar

Are you someone looking to get started in the video production world but don’t know how?  Does it seem confusing and overwhelming?

👉 This webinar is designed to quickly introduce you to the world of videography, and provide you with the necessary steps and knowledge that you need to shoot your first video.

👉This is a Beginner Series Webinar and it’s structured in a way so that the student is comfortable and doesn’t feel overwhelmed with confusing terminology and techniques. You can be someone who doesn’t know how video works, or someone who have a camera but doesn’t know where to start.

👉 This webinar is NOT for individuals looking to learn advanced topics, techniques, or skills. We have another series for that! (Coming Soon)

What you’ll learn

👉 What every beginner must know —including why shoot video, and how to craft a story.

👉 Choosing A Camera —including a quick overview of the current market, and which camera provides the best value and performance for beginners.

👉 Camera Operation—including importance of frame rates and Resolution and basic operation

👉 Camera Movement and Stabilization —including using your camera’s image stabilization, and how to control your movement, and a simple technique that will guarantee good stabilized footage.

👉 Choosing Lenses and accessories —including the best places to find affordable used equipment and reliable make/model recommendations that still perform

👉 Post-processing—including why you need to edit your footages, and simple yet impactful techniques to help you edit your videos.

👉 Get your music—how to legally use copyrighted music to edit your videos.

I look forward to introducing you to the world of videography, and can’t wait to see your results!


Jan 23 2021


10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Najihah Najlaa
Adobe Certified Expert & Instructor

I help creative people to polish their skills with comprehensive, cost effective, high quality, training covering Adobe media products and other creative packs. I offer educational institutions a variety of training packages specifically geared towards education.


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