This is the official logo for Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Netball team.
Since UTP netball team had been competing with tons of competition in 2014,
team decided to come up with an official logo for the team itself.
They called their name, BLITZ-
The name BLITZ originates from the sound of FAST. The word ‘BLITZ’ ‘an intensive or sudden military attack.’ and helps an individual gain the power of massive attack. This spirit helps individuals find their self in a sudden, energetic, and concerted effort, typically on a specific task, example GA (Goal Attacker) to attack by shooting the ball into the net to get the score for the team. 
The design concept is drawn from the nature of the team. There is a 'ball' symbol representing the Netball as a sport that the team play while simultaneously standing for the representation of the ball-shooting and scores. The color of the symbol have been carefully selected. The color of the logo is blue and yellow, as the symbolic representation of UTP since there are blue and gold line on UTP logo.
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